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Wanmonaka Hanaichie 椀もなか 花一会

Updated: Mar 20

A Variety of Monaka Treats at Wanmonaka Hana Ichie

Opened in 2015, Wanmonaka Hanaichie is a ‘Monaka’ specialty store offering a wide range of monaka-based products. Traditionally, 'monaka' is a Japanese sweet filled with sweet bean paste wrapped in two crisp wafers. However, the monaka sold here is incredibly diverse, featuring items such as ‘ochazuke’ (rice soaked in tea), miso soup, and clear broth.

Ochazuke: Their Most Popular Item

One of their signature products is salmon ochazuke decorated with a charming maple leaf-shaped wafer. The monaka shell is primarily made of glutinous rice and the ingredients are a mix of dried seafood and vegetables, resulting in a delightful texture and flavor!

How to Prepare 

Most visitors purchase the Miso soup or Rice porridge/Risotto with freeze-dried rice as it is very easy to prepare. You simply pour hot water on top of the dried soup stock, mix, and wait 1 min until it is ready to eat – similar to cup ramen. For more details, they also include English instructions in each packet.

Message to Visitors

“From vibrant flower-shaped monaka to beautiful Japanese packaging, our products make for unique souvenirs you can share with your friends and family. Feel free to come to our store and explore the different selections, including our limited-time seasonal monaka. We look forward to seeing you at Hana Ichie!”

Interested in visiting here and trying it for yourself? 🤤

Join our Azabujuban Food Tour!


Wanmonaka Hana Ichie


11:00 ~ 18:00


2 Chome-1-1 Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045

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