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Yuuzuumuge ゆうずうむげ

Updated: May 14

A Cozy Local Restaurant Serving Authentic Sushi and Japanese Cuisine

Located just a 5-minute walk from Azabujuban Station, is "Sushi Kappo Yuuzuumuge."

The name "Yuuzuumuge" is derived from a Japanese four-character idiom, signifying "a free and unrestrained demeanor." It reflects the owner's desire to honor tradition while embracing a sense of liberation and newness. Ever since a young age, the owner, Kitamura-san, studied Japanese cuisine, honing his skills as a chef overseas.

Upon entering the restaurant, you can notice the simple wooden interior, decorated with modern artwork designed by Kitamura-san’s wife, creating a modern and serene ambiance.

Daily Fresh Fish and Seasonal Dishes

The restaurant’s Head Chef, Fukuda-san, previously established himself as a master of Edomae sushi (traditional raw fish and vinegar rice sushi)  after serving at popular Tokyo establishments. Upon meeting the owner in Azabujuban, Fukuda-san embarked on his new career as the head chef of Yuuzuumuge.

Every morning around 1AM, Chef Fukuda-san contacts suppliers to procure the finest fish of the day and curates the menu accordingly. In the evening, he engages with each customer, offering the best dishes of the moment and entertaining the guests with his knife skills.

Japanese Sake and Wine to Pair with Sushi

Offering a selection of around 8 types of sake, ranging from classics to seasonal varieties, the restaurant suggests pairings based on guests' preferences and meal choices. Additionally, with about 10 types of wine available, including both red and white, the combination with sushi is equally popular.

An Authentic Local Sushi Experience

Whether celebrating a special occasion, anniversary, or traveling around Tokyo, let Yuuzuumuge be the backdrop to your extraordinary memories, where food quality meets comfort in a modern, relaxed setting.

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Mon - Sun: 5:30PM - 10:30PM


2Chome-13-5-PARKAzabuAmishiro1F Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045 



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