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Hidden Gem Food and Whisky Night Tour


5:00pm - 9:00pm (4 hrs)

Group Size

Min. 1 ppl ~ Max. 6 ppl


$140.00 USD


Meet at Roppongi Tsutaya.


Discover the lesser-known town of Azabujuban, located in between Roppongi and Tokyo Tower, where many authentic, michelin-worthy restaurants hide! To Japanese locals, Azabujuban is a safe place especially for women to enjoy their night in Tokyo, eating gourmet food and drinking until dawn. During the tour, we will stop at 4 different izakayas, bars, and restaurants where you will learn how to make juicy yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) from a local chef, taste 5 different types of rare Japanese whiskey, and delight yourself in homemade oden made by Azabujuban’s neighborhood auntie!


Join our tour for a special behind-the-scenes experience of authentic Japanese food and drinking culture! 


🔥 Japanese Yakitori Experience: 

Learn how to make Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) from a local chef

🥃  Japanese Whiskey Tasting: 

Taste 5 different types of Japan’s Best Rare Whiskeys

 🍢 Authentic Homemade Food

Immerse yourself with the locals and gain an authentic, behind-the-scenes experience of Japanese food and drinking culture!

What's Included

Yakitori Experience

Make Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewers) with a local chef!

Oden Experience

Make Oden and enjoy meeting and talking to local residents!

Japanese Whiskey Tasting

Drink 5 different types of Rare Japanese Whiskey (each 15ml)

Additional Snack

Eat an additional local sweet or salty treat. (Food selection will depend on the day)


5:00 PM| Meet at Roppongi Tsutaya

We will be waiting for you with a red “Japan Hopping Tours” sign!


5:15 PM| Yakitori Experience

A friendly local chef will teach you how to make your own yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers)! 

Chomp on one of Azabujuban's local street foods and explore more of the town.

6:15 PM| Local Treat


7:00 PM| Whiskey Tasting

Taste 5 different Rare Japanese Whiskeys (each 15ml) at a local, traditional bar that has 200+ varieties of whiskeys.

8:00 PM| Local Oden Experience

Make Oden with the auntie of Azabujuban, who has running the restaurant by herself for 10 years! 


9:00 PM| Tour Finishes


  • The amount of food is more than enough to fill you up!
    Only those above 20 years old (Japan’s legal drinking age) are allowed to join.

  • Please note that this tour is not recommended for those with strict food allergies/restrictions.

  • You will be responsible for paying for any additional food, drink, or souvenir you wish to buy, as it is not included in the tour.

  • Out of respect to the other guests, we will start the tour on time. Please notify us immediately if you think you will be late.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the tour date and time for a full refund.

Have any questions about the tour? Contact us directly!

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