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Shiroikuro しろいくろ

Updated: Mar 20

From a Traditional Japanese House to a Modern Zen Sweets Shop

Commissioned by the owner of a traditional Japanese house in August 2012, an interior designer and graphic designer renovated the old home into the inviting space you see today. With a heartfelt desire to preserve its charm for years to come, the designers founded the shop “Shiroi Kuro” which emanates a clean, modern ambiance infused with the comforting warmth of Japanese aesthetics.

Their Signature “Black Bean Salt Daifuku”

Although the two founders run a sweets shop, they both do not enjoy overly sweet treats. Hence, they came up with the black bean salt daifuku to create a “less sweet, slightly salty snack'' that even the two of them could enjoy. The filling is made with large, sweet black beans from Tanba Sasayama (a city in the central-eastern part of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan), and is wrapped in fresh mochi every morning.

The Origins of the Store Name

The name “Shiroi Kuro'' comes from the Japanese words for “white (shiroi)'', symbolizing the color of salt, and “black (kuro)'', for the color of the black beans.

In addition to their signature Black Bean Daifuku, they serve black and white roll cakes freshly made every day from the manager's original recipe.

Every item from the shop is pleasing to both the eyes and the palate, from the unique contrast of black and white to the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Tips for Visitors

For a truly delightful experience, pair your treat with their in-house Roasted Black Bean Tea.

To enjoy on-the-go or at home, their Black Bean Salt Daifuku may also be purchased individually to eat later.

Interested in trying this with 2 other delicious snacks? 🤤

Join our Azabujuban Food Tour!




10:00 ~ 18:00


2 Chome-8-1 Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045

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