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Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango, 占いカフェ&バー燦伍(さんご)

Updated: Mar 21

Azabu-Juban's Hidden Gem: Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango

Tucked away at the end of a side alley, just off the main street of the shopping district, lies ‘Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango’, a secret bar where you can experience various types of divination. Founded in 2011 by the owner and professional fortune-teller, Senda Khaki, the bar currently has a team of around 20 expert fortune-tellers. Reserving the fortune-teller in advance is recommended, but for first-timers, you may still receive a reading if there are open time slots.

Experience a Diverse World of Divination

The realm of divination is vast and varied, so at ‘Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango’, they offer an array of practices from both Eastern and Western traditions depending on the day. Each session starts at ¥1,500 for 10 minutes, which is quite affordable considering the years of experience of each fortune teller. For those that cannot speak Japanese, they recommend bringing someone to interpret for you.

Tarot-Themed Drinks to Complement Your Experience

Their drink menu includes both Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic drinks. For those who do not drink alcohol, they serve premium coffees, herbal teas, Chinese teas, and their cocktails can be made non-alcoholic. For their alcoholic drinks, they have signature Tarot-inspired cocktails crafted by Senda-san, the owner and bartender. Each cocktail is carefully designed to reflect the story and essence of the Major Arcana Tarot cards, offering vibrant colors and deep flavors that enhance the overall ambiance.

Experience Japan's Unique Approach to Divination

While mental therapy and consultations are common practices abroad, Japan is still relatively unfamiliar to the concept of therapy and mental health. Senda-san believes that divination should help heal the soul similar to therapy and thus, he prioritizes creating an inviting space in which anyone can feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether you're visiting alone, with friends, your partner, or in a group, their space is always open and welcoming. Visit “Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango” to experience the most unique and spiritually healing time in Tokyo!

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占いカフェ&バー燦伍(さんご), Fortune Telling Cafe & Bar Sango


Mon - Sun: 3PM - 11PM

*Closed on Wednesdays


2-7-14, 2nd Floor, Azabujuban, Minato City, 106-0045 Tokyo 



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