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Asa no Ha 手ぬぐい専門店 麻の葉

Updated: Mar 20

Tenugui store in Azabujuban, a rarity even in Japan.

Dating centuries back to Japan’s Heian Period (between 794 - 1185), Tenugui have long been used in Japan as an everyday, multi-purpose washcloth, hand towel, and even lunchbox wrap.

The unique and rare Tenugui store, “Asa no Ha'' is adorned wall to wall with a wide array of beautiful and handcrafted Tenugui designs.

Originally engaged in wholesale of Tenugui to the Kabuki-za theatre and department stores, with the desire of further disseminating Japanese culture to the rest of the world, led to the opening of their flagship store in Azabujuban in 2010. Since then, they have consistently stocked over 300 different patterns, welcoming customers with diverse tastes.

Meticulously Handcrafted Designs

A highly recommended item is their original "E-tenugui" (Art Tenugui) notable for its traditional hand-dyeing method known as "Chusen". Skilled artisans, including designers for the patterns and craftsmen for the stencil, contribute to each step of the creation process, resulting in individually hand-dyed pieces. Thus, even with the same design, each item is uniquely captivating.

When holding one in your hands, you can feel the texture of the airy cotton and notice the artistry that goes into each Tenugui.

Stunning Art Pieces to Decorate Your Home With!

Designs featuring renowned Japanese artists like Hokusai and Hiroshige, as well as those depicting Kabuki and Geisha, make for a unique and Zen Art piece. Framing them in dedicated magnetic Art Frame (tapestry) allows you to cherish your memories of Japan as a permanent part of your decor.

Additionally, you can personalize your Tenugui by having them add your name or messages!

From traditional to modern, and cute to cool – Find your Favorite!

Lightweight, easy to carry, and durable, their unique and beautifully designed Tenugui makes for an ideal souvenir. Don't miss their selection of baby Jinbei (baby clothing), fans, Furoshiki (cloth wrapper) and other Japanese accessories.

If you're unsure about what to get, feel free to ask their friendly staff for assistance. They'll gladly provide explanations about the designs, their meanings, and usage in English.

Interested in visiting this store and many more?

Join our Azabujuban Food Tour!


Asa no Ha


Mon - Sun 11 AM - 7 PM 


1 Chome-5-24 Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045

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