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Behind the Scenes of a Japanese Sento

Undergo a Private Group Bath & Rare Wood-burning Experience 


Every Wed.,

11:30 2:30pm (3 hrs)

Group Size

Min. 4 ppl ~ Max. 20 ppl


$88.00 USD


Meet at Ryogoku St.


In the heart of Tokyo's bustling metropolis, there exists a sanctuary of serenity and communal harmony: Matsu no Yu, a cherished public bathhouse located near Ryogoku station. Far more than just a place to cleanse the body, Matsu no Yu embodies the essence of Japanese history, tradition, and community. Here, locals from all walks of life gather together to chat and share a moment of relaxation. On this intimate and never-before-seen tour, you will get to experience a glimpse of Tokyo’s past and enjoy Japan like a true local...


🔥🪵 Firewood Burning Experience: 

Go behind the scenes to discover the craftsmanship of kindling fire

🍱 "Shidashi" Bento Box: 

Get a taste of a delicious bento box commonly eaten at sumo matches

 ♨️ Private Group Bathing: 

Bathe in the warm and soft water and enjoy the first bath or “Ichiban-buro” which is said to bring good health and fortune

What's Included

Wood Burning 

Go behind the scenes of a historical bathhouse to try this RARE experience 


Try Bento Boxes often eaten at Sumo matches! Bottled Water/Tea also provided.

Bathhouse Entrance Fee

Take a relaxing bath and enjoy the atmosphere of the bathhouse

English Speaking Guide

Learn about Japan's public bath culture with your guide


11:30 PM| Meet at Ryogoku Station

Location details will be sent to you after booking.


12:00 PM| Arrive at 'Matsu no Yu'

We will give you a tour around the old bathhouse and introduce you to its history of over 75 years. Photographs of inside the bathhouse may be taken at this time.

Behind the main area of the bathhouse, you will be introduced to a craftsman named "Kamaban" (similar to Ghibli movie Spirited Away's character "Kamaji") who guards the fire and moderates the temperature of  water.

12:20 PM| Firewood Burning Experience


1:10 PM| Lunch

While you wait for the water to heat up, you will be led back to the main area to enjoy a traditional Japanese bento box called "Shidashi Bento". This bento box is famous in the Ryogoku area since it is commonly eaten while watching Sumo matches.

1:45 PM| First Bath, Ichi-buro

After finishing your meal, you may relax in the "First Bath" (Ichi-buro) which means to take the first bath before other local customers arrive. It is said to be the "Best Bath" as the water is the warmest, and symbolizes good health and fortune.


2:30 PM| Tour Finishes


  • Tattoos are OK for this tour. 

  • During the wood burning portion, soot may transfer onto your clothes. Please come to the tour in comfortable clothes you do not mind getting dirty.

  • In Japanese culture, it is normal to be nude in front of others of the same sex at a bathhouse. However, if this makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, we have special Bath Wear you may purchase and wear into the baths as well. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to purchase one.

  • ​Note that the tour price does not include bath amenities. Please bring your own amenities or purchase them from the bathhouse. 

  • Please specify any food allergies/restrictions when you book the tour.

  • You will be responsible for paying for any additional food, drink, or souvenir you wish to buy, as it is not included in the tour.

  • Out of respect to the other guests, we will start the tour on time. Please notify us immediately if you think you will be late.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours prior to the tour date and time for a full refund.


Q: I have tattoos...can I still participate?

A: Yes! Since we are renting the public bath for our tours, there is no need to hide/put a bandage over your tattoos.

Q: Do I have to be nude during the bath portion?

A: In Japanese culture, it is normal to be nude in the public baths. However, we also have Bath Wear available for purchase (Please see prices below).

Q: What should I bring to the tour?

A: We recommend bringing - a change of clothes, skincare, a toothbrush set, a comb, hair ties, and a towel. For an extra fee, we can provide you with:

         Amenity Set (Includes Toothbrush, Hair Tie, Bath Towel, Face Towel, Drink, Matsu no Yu Bag ... 1000yen 

Bath Wear ... 2000yen

Have additional questions? Contact us directly!

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