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Local, High-Quality Japanese Wagyu Beef Restaurant

Japanese Wagyu, beloved not only in Japan but also internationally, finds its place at “Toppin”, a gourmet Teppanyaki restaurant that specializes in Wagyu Beef. In Japan alone, there are about 30 varieties of branded beef. At “Toppin”, they select the best cuts according to season and origin, ensuring that the quality and taste of the Wagyu is in prime condition.

Kakisaki-san, the manager, emphasizes the importance of meticulous preparation, noting that the way meat is handled can significantly alter its taste. "Preparation is one of the most crucial stages to ensure our customers enjoy the meat at its best," he says.

The 'Top' Teppanyaki Restaurant in Azabujuban

Opened October 1, 2016, the owner named their restaurant "Toppin'' to signify their goal to be the “top” restaurant in Azabujuban. Upon entering, you'll find subtle Japanese influences, particularly the teppan (Japanese Iron Griddle), which stretches an astounding 6 meters and 15 centimeters, making it the longest in Japan. This teppan served as the focal point of their interior design, setting the stage for the captivating performances by their chefs.

The clean and wide teppan serves as the canvas for grilling the finest quality Wagyu beef, fresh Miura vegetables, and seafood of the day.

A Variety of Wines and Japanese Sakes to Pair Perfectly with your Dinner

With around 30 types of wines available, you can ask the staff to help you find the perfect pairing to complement your meal. They’ve also carefully curated a selection of Japanese sake that harmonizes beautifully with their dishes, so you can explore and enjoy according to the staff’s recommendations or your preferences.

Gourmet Level Wagyu for Any Occasion

Whether you're dining alone, enjoying a casual dinner with friends, celebrating a special occasion, or hosting a business meeting, Toppin welcomes you to visit them in Azabujuban and experience the finest Wagyu beef in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Mon - Sat: 11:30AM - 10PM


1 Chome-9-2-6F Azabujuban, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0045

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